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Electronic Modus for On-demand Temporal Inquiery of Notion

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About us

Minister office

Minister Responsible for Emotional Resources:

Norman Shepard dr.

Cabinet Director:
Zsanett Hevesi

Minister's asszistant:

Samuel Róka

State Secretariat of Personal Social Problems

State Secretary of Personal Social Problems:

Mario Somerset dr.

Ministry Trustee:

Timothy Bereefy

Head of Department of Social Minorities:

Elizabeth Yohannson dr.

Minority and Gender Issues Expert, Deputy Head of Department:

Julia Sims

State Secretariat of Undefined Distressing Issues:

State Secretariat of Undefined Distressing Issues:

Susan Snow

Department Executive Referee:

Samantha Monk

Department Secretary:

Adrienne Erdei

Department Rapporter:

Ethan Egz

State Secretariat of Social Discontent

Secretary of State for Social Discontent:

Alexandra Long dr.

State Secretariat of National Affiliation Affairs

Secretary of State for National Affiliation Affairs:

Benjamin White

PR Department

Head of Communications:

Gerri Bergere


Leonore Mezei

PR Experts:

Lazlo Szabad, Elizabeth Green

Head of technical department:

Bela Semeredy Jr.

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