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Electronic Modus for On-demand Temporal Inquiery of Notion

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About us

Minister Responsible for Emotional Resources:
Norman Shepard dr.

Our mission is to care.

As the head of our ministry, my primary goal is to create a peaceful and harmonious world of mutual respect, care and compassion in our society. I believe that the community as well as its individuals can morally and mentally benefit from real, humane and solidary governance. This is why we work every day; a great honor and an even greater pleasure.


State Secretary of National Affiliation Affairs:

Benjamin White

As the Secretary of State for National Affiliation Affairs, my primary responsibility is to foster and promote a sense of unity, understanding, and compassion among diverse groups within the nation. I work towards creating inclusive policies and initiatives that celebrate and respect various cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all citizens. Through collaborative efforts with communities, organizations, and government agencies, I strive to build a harmonious and empathetic society where empathy, love, and mutual respect form the foundation for a thriving nation.


Secretary of State for Social Dissatisfaction:

Alexandra Long dr.

As the Secretary of State for Social Dissatisfaction, my responsibilities revolve around addressing and mitigating the various sources of discontent and dissatisfaction within our society. I work diligently to identify the root causes of social grievances, analyze their impact on individuals and communities, and develop comprehensive strategies to foster understanding, empathy, and positive change. Through collaboration with governmental agencies, community organizations, and citizens, my aim is to promote dialogue, resolve conflicts, and create a more harmonious and inclusive society where everyone's concerns are acknowledged and addressed with compassion and fairness.


State Secretary of Unidentifiable Distressing Affairs:
Susan Snow


State Secretary of Personal Social Problems:

Mario Somerset dr.

Vice Secretaries of State:

Simon Sentey Secretary of State for Overall Empathical Harmony

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