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The spring pollen season begins

When nature starts to dance and the flowers emerge from the ground, then, unfortunately, the pollen season also arrives. This is the time when plants decide to share pollen with all of us - sometimes too much.

The dangers of the pollen season:

  • Allergic reactions: Runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and tearing, as if constantly watching a romantic movie.

  • Asthma symptoms: For people with asthma, this period is like running a marathon - only without air.

  • Deterioration of well-being: Allergic symptoms can often cause headaches, which can easily make us feel as if the flowers have conspired against us.

Tips for surviving the pollen season:

  1. Pollen report monitoring: Keep an eye on the pollen report and if it's high, treat it like you're avoiding a hurricane.

  2. Closed windows: Keep the windows closed at home and in the car as if pollen is a stealthy enemy.

  3. Outdoor activities: Try to avoid outdoor activities when the pollen concentration is highest – don't worry, nature will stay outside!

  4. Use of antihistamines: If necessary, take antihistamines to overcome pollen attacks.

  5. Personal hygiene: Change your clothes and shower after you get home to remove any remaining pollen – as if you are getting rid of the burden of a hard day.

Spring is a wonderful time, but don't let the pollen take away your joy. Take up the fight and enjoy the beauty of nature! And if things get worse, see your doctor—he's the commander-in-chief of the anti-pollen army!


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