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Electronic Modus for On-demand Temporal Inquiery of Notion

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  • Struggling with mental health? Most of society does. So we have an online platform that gives you opportunity to reflect on your mental state and find resources in order to get help if needed. But most importantly, we would like to tell you that it is okay, and you do not need to be ashamed of yourself.

  • We accept and support people of all sexual orientation and identity. So if you feel that society rejects you and all other governmental organs treat you like shit, just know that we love and accept you.

  • You feel excluded from society because of your background, family, origin, skintone, religion, or anything else? We are sorry, we don’t think that you should be anything else than what you are. We accept and welcome you.

  • You are very discontent and full of anger? No place to put your disappointment over humanity and want to destroy? That is okay. But hurting something or somebody else will not solve that. We are here if you want to vent, or just think through what made you so angry.

  • We know that in a polarized, isolating society it is hard to feel connected. So if you feel like you have no place to be or no one to talk to, we would like you to know that we acknowledge your existence, and you most certainly appear in our system. You are not alone.

  • We are sorry that our government does not care about protecting nature. It is a shame, and we are worried about it, and we can offer our sympathy if you are worried too.

  • We acknowledge historical, transgenerational tragedies and exploits, and support the societal process of such events. So if you feel like too many people have been killed, abused, violated, raped, robbed, taken away, condemned or destroyed in your family or environment and it weighs you down, we understand. There is a lot to process from our past.

  • We support solo parents. Just because you did not hack marriage, have three kids and take family loans, it is okay, you are not worth less. Your struggles are understandable, and deserve respect.

  • We think that women are people, who have independent lives and choices. If you happen to live in a female body, and be treated like a woman, we know that it is not easy to feel like an equal, or enough, or anything, at all.

Our Mission
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