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Electronic Modus for On-demand Temporal Inquiery of Notion

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Terms of use

1.    Definitions

The official internet communications tool of the Ministry of Love and Empathy; the Content’s service provider (hereafter: or website).

1.2.    Content
All text, graphical, moving or still image news items found on the website, irrespective of whether they can be downloaded or are only available on the website.

1.3.    User
Any natural or legal entity or unincorporated association who/that uses the content found on the website (with or without registering) and who/that accepts these Terms of Use. Legal guardians shall be held responsible for the activities of minors.

2.    Registration

Registration is required for the use of the website’s “VIP” area. After registering, on compli
ance with the terms and conditions determined in Paragraph 3 of these “Terms of Use” and its subparagraphs below, the User acquires the non-exclusive right to view, publish, copy and process the complimentary and free-to-use Content available on, and to incorporate them into their own services.

3.    Use of Content

3.1    Media Use

The User shall have the right to use the Content for the purposes of providing media information without changing any of its substantive elements or the facts included therein, furthermore to modify, supplement, explain, reproduce and distribute the Contents in accordance with paragraphs 3.1.1 – 3.1.3, below.

The use of Content for promotional or other advertising purposes, and its automatic, indiscriminate relaying using software or through other means, furthermore the mirroring of the website, is expressly forbidden.

3.1.1.    Use of the Website’s Text Content

The User hereby undertakes to

  • cite as the source with regard to Content acquired from the website and published without, or with only insignificant, changes;

  • process and publish the Content acquired from the website without the distortion of said Content, in a manner that rules out hostile conclusions and such that it may be incorporated into the original context;

  • immediately correct, revise, clarify and enforce in its own acquired, published and processed materials, services or publication channels any correction, revision or clarification made with relation to the published news item, or if the content has been removed by the website’s operator, furthermore to refrain from quoting or even indirectly mentioning the original content in future;

  • fully comply with any requests, complaints or claims for damages from third parties in relation to failure to correct, clarify or remove content or resulting from the processing of the Content; the User furthermore accepts and declares that the Content’s service provider and/or the operator of the website shall in no way be held liable in such cases;

  • neither partly nor fully store the Content or create and/or make available an archive or database using the Content, over and above the framework of legitimate use (with the exclusion of cases in which content is relayed outside the publication platform).

3.2.    Free Use

With regard to the Content, the User shall have the right to free use in accordance with Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright (hereafter the Copyright Act), providing that in relation to every and all methods of use the User shall cite the source and author in accordance with the conditions determined in these “Terms of Use”, the use does not extend beyond the extent justified by the goal and that the use occurs neither directly nor indirectly in the interests of increasing revenue.

It is expressly forbidden to directly or indirectly use the Content to provide any form of news agency related service, even if such use does not occur even indirectly in the interests of increasing revenue.

Furthermore, it is also expressly forbidden to acquire the Content automatically and indiscriminately using software or other means.

3.3.     Restrictions on Using Content for Direct Marketing

Content is made available to the User free of charge. Accordingly, it is expressly forbidden to provide news agency services or any similar or equivalent services using the content of the website, including the full or partial marketing of the Content or its inclusion in any news agency service.

4.    Use of Trademarks and Logos

All logos, trademarks and graphical elements included on the website are protected, in view of which their copying, mirroring and use is strictly forbidden, except if the source is duly cited in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2, above.

5.    Privacy of Information

The personal information provided by Users during the course of registration shall be handled according to the stipulations of current law, shall not be passed on to third parties and shall be used solely as required for the provision of the site’s services.

6.    Legal Statements and Miscellaneous Provisions

The operator of the website shall endeavour to ensure the error-free continuity of the service provided, but the operator shall not be liable with regard to the functionality of the website and the error-free operation of the service provided.

The operator of the website reserves the right to change the content, structure and appearance of the website and shall not be required to notify users of such changes in advance.

The operator of the website shall do everything possible to ensure that content uploaded to the site is free of viruses and/or other potentially damaging programs.

The operator of the website shall not be liable for any real or perceived damages suffered by the User and resulting from the use or lack of use of the website or that occur during the use of the website.  The User shall use the website solely at his/her own risk.

The operator of the website shall not be held liable if Content is unavailable as a result of compatibility or other errors. The operator of the website and/or the Content service provider shall not be held liable for any real or perceived damages suffered by the User as a result of such errors.

The operator of the website shall retain the right to unilaterally modify these Term of Use at any time while informing users in the form of a short note on the main, starting page of the website. Use of the website by the User at any time following the publication of the modified Terms of Use shall represent the acceptance of said modifications.

Users may be banned from further use of services without notice in the case of any legal infringement, or if the User has violated or there is a reasonable suspicion that the User has violated these terms and conditions, in addition to which the User may be prosecuted in accordance with the Copyright Act and other related legislation.

These “Terms of Use” may not be applied to the use of content found on other thematic websites belonging to the website family, furthermore they shall not be applied to the operators of other thematic websites belonging to the website family.

The Copyright Act, Act XI of 1997 on the protection of geographical indications, Act CIV of 2010 on freedom of the press and the general regulations on media content, and the existing provisions of the Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code shall apply to matters not regulated by these “Terms of Use”.

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