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The Ministry of Love and Empathy informs you that you have now reached a particularly distressing point in the proceedings. Please, if you're not feeling your best or don't want to deal with such things at the moment, feel free to choose a more fun route, we'll recommend a few right away.

Because it's one thing how society treats its female members mentally and emotionally, and how they live with that. But how it treats their bodies is something else.


In the EU one in three women (33%) has experienced physical and/or sexual violence from the age of 15. Out of all women who have a (current or previous) partner, 22% have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a partner since the age of 15.

In total, 11% of women have experienced some form of sexual violence since they were 15 years old, either by a partner or some other person. One in 20 women (5%) has been raped since the age of 15.

13% of female children suffer some form of sexual abuse until the age of 15.

Between 30 to 50% of women encountner sexual harrassment at their workplaces.

In 2018, over 600 women were murdered by an intimate partner, a family member or a relative in 14 EU Member States, according to official reports.

More than 500.000 trafficked women enter Western Europe every year, most of them sold as prostitutes. 90% percent of these women are survivals of chlidhood sexual abuse or other forms of domestic violence.

The Ministry of Love and Empathy considers these data tragic. Our management expresses the hope that the day may come when female members of society can live their lives in safety, respect and peace.

In the next section, we will ask you questions about your lived experiences. We do not save or analyze your data. You can answer as you like, or if you don't want to think about these things, you can leave this site for a more peaceful one.

I don't want to answer, I'm leaving here.

Has it ever happened to you in your life that:

Has anybody ever done anything to you against your will?

Did you feel your physical integrity was in danger, did you experience physical abuse?

Yes, such things have happened to me.

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