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The Ministry of Love and Empathy expresses its sympathy for the fact that you live and participate in society as a woman according to your biological and/or gender.

Do thoughts like these cross your mind on an average day?

I should be prettier / smarter / classier / more masculine / more feminine. 

I must have someone or I will perish.

It is too late for me.

I have to take care of the other(s) because I am a woman.

It must be my fault that I can not be taken seriously

I know, I talk too much / I'm too emotional / I'm too sensitive, no wonder no one can bare with me.

As I have more empathy, it must be me who adapts to the other person.

I look good today, now I will get what I want from those around me / I don't look good today, so I don't expect anything.

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